Help with backgrounds!!!!

Ok see ai have a background in flash, and i recently made the switch into Toon Boom. I tried to insert a PTSD file (my animation background.) and i was able to do so successfully, however when i added a new frame using the “G” button the background did not copy into the next frame. Am I doing something wrong. How can I add new frames for every layer at once and have the background carry over into each frame?

In Timeline window you need to extend the exposure. If you do not already have some extra frames to work with, there is a red bracket at the very top of the Timeline window on the frame side. It will be at the last frame assigned to the project at this point. Slide this bracket out to the right far enough to give you some room to create drawings and some motion, let’s say 30. Move that bracket to frame 30. Next, click on frame 30 of any drawing layer. Now right-click and select “extend exposure” from the menu. This will copy all art from the last keyframe of each drawing layer to every frame up to frame 30.

There are other ways to extend the exposure.|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%20Pro%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%207%3A%20Timing|Frames|_____1