HELP : when i duplicate a character the eyes whites disappears ,although I used the cutter and colour override

Hey friends , plzzz I need a HELP
I’m making a character, and when I duplicate it , the eyes whites disappears of the coped one !!
How to fix this ?
Note that I used the cutter and colour override for the eyes
Please take a look to the attachment


Do you want to make an independent duplicate or a clone duplicate?

Did you do the duplicate by right-click on layer in the timeline and select duplicate?
Or in the node view?

When you duplicate in the timeline sometimes all elements ( added in the node view ) dont update well since node viewcan do more things. And you have to fix in the node view.

or duplicating in the node view.

I hope this helps

I made a duplicate from the timeline
But I will try from the node view , and tell you if works