HELP!!!Tradigital animation in ToonBoomAnimate?

Hi there, i am a newbie in animate…i want to create a 2d animation project using tradigital animation…can anyone explain to me the step by step procedure in tradigital animation using animate,because traditional animation requires such time.
thanks in advance to anyone there who can help me.

Tradigital? Do you mean traditional animation in a digital environment? You can head on to Chapter 7 of the Getting Started Guide for a start.

You will want to download the lessons from the ToonBoom site as they will prove very helpful in learning the software to create your project. Animate2 has many tools that can help “speed up” the process but keep in mind that Animation is not for those with a short attention span (and I know none shorter than my own) and you are going to have to be patient if you want to create something you will be proud to show off.
There are also many online tutorials recommended from various discussions on the forums here.