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In Animate 2 : when I clic on “Help” I got a pdf file “animate_Family_Help_System.pdf” but the list on the right is almost empty !! no real content !! Only “Using the Help System” “Search Features” and “Searching in the pdf system using Acrobar Reader” with no result if Iclic or doubleclic on . If If tape any wordkey in the findbox there is a message "not found"
however a pdf user system file is in my "Application- Documentation directory and if I double clic on it its opens … but how can I do to make it works with the Help system menu ? because it is not practical :frowning:
Thanks you for your help.

The Animate family help system is a pdf that has several embedded pdfs in it. In order to see something on the right, you have to select one of the pdfs from the list on the left.

What version of Acrobat reader do you have? It is possible that if you have an old version of acrobat reader you might not be able to see the full pdf.

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I’m on Mac Os x and the pdf files are automatically opened by an application called “Aperçu” in the french version, I think it’s “preview” in the english one … I’m using the 10.5.8 Leopard OS the latest version before snow leopard.
I’ve read on toonboom website that Acrobat Reader was necessary to open the help files, so I’ve downloaded it and now after the install process was completed … its works ! However, I had to configure Adobe reader as the default pdf file opener and I would have preferred not to do it … “preview” is included in Mac Os. In ToonBoom Studio the user guide files run perfectly with the Mac os system ::slight_smile: Why not with Animated ?
Anyway, thank you for your help.

The reason that the Studio help file works just fine is that it is just one PDF with sections that are labelled with bookmarks. The Animate help system is a PDF that has many smaller PDFs embedded in it. This functionality is available only with Acrobat Reader.

I’m glad that it’s working now!

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OK ! LillyV, no problem. thank you for your answer which satisfies me fully


thanks for the tip of setting the default type for the files.

now you have all your pdf files to be read by reader, lets undo that:
select any pdf , press get info,then open with preview , change all. …now you will have your pdf to be read by preview

and now to have only the toonboom files to be used by adobe:
open finder, applications, animate pro, then press open, then goto to the documentation folder, select the 8 animate .pdf and then press right click, select get info, then select open with: adobe reader.
now you have those 8 pdf that willl be opened with adobe only.

when you press f1 uncheck the option that makes adobe to be default reader for pdfs (we dont want it)… and now the other pdf files of your mac are opened with preview, and only the 8 files in toonboom with adobe.


thanks a lot, It’s perfect ! :wink: I noticed I have only 7 pdf files in my documentation folder … ??? I had to forget to download one of them

There are only 7. Here’s what you should have:

- Using the Help System
- Getting_Started
- User_Guide
- Play_Guide
- Utilities_Guide
- Scripting_Guide
- Keyboard_Shortcuts

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thanks Lily and thanks parsenn1 :slight_smile: