Help! Storyboard Pro 20 is inoperably slow.

I’m using Storyboard Pro 20.10.0 on my Mac (8 GB memory, graphics card Intel UHD 617 1536 MB). I’m drawing on my new XP-Pen 24 Pro tablet. I recently updated to MacOS 11.1 (Bug Sur), and now Storyboard Pro is running ridiculously slow. If I make a brush stroke, it takes at least 2-3 seconds for the stroke to appear; it then slowly completes my line. I have this problem with the all the drawing tools including the eraser, although for the pencil it is not nearly as bad of a lag. I’ve never had this problem before, I could really use some help getting this program to run like it used to.

I have been talking to support about this as I upgraded to Big Sur recently and encountered the lag problem - it made it impossible for me to continue. Toon boom could not reproduce the problem at their end unfortunately. After a couple of weeks of trying everything to solve the problem I ditched my old hard drive and installed an Ssd running Mojave in to my 2014 iMac ( 32GB). This has solved the problem and my story board pro 20 is working fine again. This might not work for you and its an expensive solution but for me its better than being out of a job. Hope this helps.

I am also running on a brand new Macbook Pro, Big Sur, using a Cintiq 24"… and Storyboard Pro 20 becomes very sluggish if you leave it for a while and come back to work on it. I’ve had to restart the computer every time this happens and then it works. But I have to say, this is very very annoying… Photoshop 2021 also frequently crashes… sounds like it’s Big Sur/ Mac problem, if these popular programs keep working so poorly. Just keep restarting your computer, it’s a massive pain but it does help.

Same for me on two different Mac (MacBook Pro 32 GB memory and iMac 16 GB memory), both running on Mojave. This is SO annoying!