Help! Stop selecting things with Ctrl

I’ve been getting into SBP7 and it’s so great, I’m considering getting it to help with my professional work. The main issue I’m running into is that, when I press Ctrl+Z (or the undo shortcut button on my pen) while moving the cursor, it occasionally selects something on the screen. This can be really annoying when trying to make quick strokes, so I’m looking for a way to disable this.

I’ve looked in the shortcut menu, but the “hold Ctrl to select things” shortcut doesn’t show up anywhere.

Hello IanVrmrs,

This looks like an issue our Discord MVPs could help you with. Our community MVPs are highly skilled animators that answer questions and support other animators on our Discord channel. Join them over here:

If ever our community can’t solve your issue, please send a direct message to our support team at

Hoping you will find the answer you need!

This link doesn’t work. I get met with a page saying there are no text channels found.