Help Rigging a Character

Hello everyone, I’m new on Toon Boom and I’m having problems rigging a cut out character, I was wondering if any one could help.

I followed the instructions on the TB tutorial but I must be doing something wrong because it is not working.

My character is fun and cool and needs to be animated, I will appreciate if someone knows of a better tutorial online or is willing to help with the rigging of my character.

Thank You

Javier F.

Well, you might like and check these links out:


Which tutorial? The videos? What is not working? Tell us what you are doing and where you are confused? -JK

Thanks for the helps guys, I’,ve been playing with TBS for 2 week ends now (you know a lot of work no time to play), but I think I got it, my character is rigged with the pivot points in place.

No I need to know how to save actions into the library, let’s say a walking cycle that I want to reuse. So far TBS is really fun and easy to use (once you get the logic of pegs) I like that you can visually manipulate time paths and goo deep into the curves with the function editor. I’m learning trying to create a little animation that I have (in writing only). I do have the character that I designed in illustrator and imported into TBS.

Thanks again

Javier F