Help, QT blur. need project on dvd asap

please HELP

i am exporting to quicktime and the result becomes a bit blurred. it looks good in toon boom but not that good in QT.
I Need this to Go on a DVD.

I know some things, and then there are big gaps in what i know.

since TB would not import my 5 minute soundtrack because it is too large, i thought i could just put the QT exports into Final Cut or imovie and line them up to the audio. (the audio is lining up good to my blurry QT test copies- i did my frame by frame audio time to 12fps math)

I am animating with ‘vectorized with texture’ png’s from photoshop (with transparency). basically the project is a background with a bunch of tracks that blink on and off in front of it to ‘animate’ it. they are simple mouse-drawn black line drawings.

i have an inkling this may be some kind of pixel incompatibility (computer to video) but i know nothing about this and if this is the problem i need directions.

I am hoping i don’t have to start over but am willing to if it is the only way. I need to get this onto dvd with sound meticulously synched.


Well, first of all, keep your project-size the same in Studio and Final Cut…
(eg. in Studio HDTV 1080 25p / in Final Cut HDV-AIC-1080i50) or else…
Keep your files as uncompressed as long as possible.

From Studio render as AIC, Animation or Image-sequence (PNG / PSD),
bring this into FCut for compositing and export from there as “QuickTime Movie”
(not QuickTime conversion). This file drag into iDVD, DVD Studio Pro or Toast or else
and they will take care of the compression.


are you saying that if it isn’t 25 fps it wont work?

[[nolan, i also have to admit i only half get what you’re saying in your post.]]

i don’t know if my final cut has hd- or how to look.

i don’t know if fps is all-important.

image sequence is a nightmare export, i think it will give me copies of all 4000 frames- eek. i don’t see aic or animation

i thought i might put a QT file from TB into idvd and rip my own dvd to get the file, but the dvd turned out blurry too.

if exporting at a new FPS is necessary i need to know asap because then i have to re-place 400 images (3-5 frames each) on the timeline, not to mention re-do 400 mathematical fps calculations currently meant for a 12 fps placement.

how is it that a 1920x1080 12 fps QT video can look so good and yet have no way to import to a movie program or be seen clear on idvd?? even if i projected it from a computer i couldn’t get sound lined up.
i compressed my soundtrack to mp3 and got it into TB but the sound wouldn’t line up with the visual- though you can export the visual (BLURRY) and put it in imovie or FC and the sound lines up beautiful.


i need some help
i’m nearing the end of my thousand ideas, and running reaalllly short on time.


Well, HDTV 1080 25p was just an example, you can choose any appropriate format and frame-rate you like…
As far as I know Final Cut Express can deal best with 25/30/60 frames,
Final Cut Pro I think, is much more flexible there…

Exporting to image-sequence and open this sequence in QuickTime works very well for me, and I can highly recommend dealing with any animation-footage…
My next best choice would be AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec).
But these are all personal preferences, in the end you have to make your own choices.

Keep in mind PAL works with 25 fps, NTSC with 30 fps.

Before you go ahead, you might like and do a little bit more reading…


this is quickly becoming a heart wrenching experience.

i just want my TB project on dvd.

it’s at 12 fps

i would love the “omigud you’re an idiot moron for dummies version”.
since i have no real background in all of this.
for instance you say export in image sequenc and i get 2000files i dont understand how to manage- how do you open that in quicktime?

i will read all the links if i can but my project is in jeopardy time-wise

i hate to keep asking for info, i usually google my way through things.

earlier is year i read the TB manual ,made a few lipsync cartoon cards and thought it would be that easy to make an art project. whoops!

now toon boom keeps crashing like there’s no tomorrow and i can’t seem to export right now- will try re-starting mac.

it’s at 12 fps

i’m doomed

Well, 12 frames per second might be just good enough for the web, but fairly unusable for burning a DVD and bringing it to the TV in the quality you’re expecting.

Changing the frame-rate in the animation-properties or in the export-setting will not only change the speed of the animation, but also bring the sound-file out of sync.

My best bet would be, save all your objects as Templates, create a new project in the appropriate settings, meaning frame-rate (25 or 30) and size:

Format Rectangular Size Square Size
DV NTSC…720x480…720x540
NTSC CCIR601…720x486…720x547
DV NTSC 16:9 (Anamorphic)…720x480…853x480
NTSC CCIR601 16:9 (Anamorphic)…720x486…853x486
PAL 16:9 (Anamorphic)…720x576…1024x576
HDV 720p…NA…1280x720
HDV 1080i…NA…1920x1080

and import all your Templates from the Library and start again…

Regarding image sequences, render those into a specific folder, open QuickTime / File / Open Image Sequence / select the first of your rendered images / Open / choose the frame-rate / click OK.

Keep in mind you’re dealing here with a fairly complex subject, lot’s of books have been already written about it, and more will follow… even if you’re in a hurry, I can only ask you, to take your time,
and everything will finally fall in place.


try this
export out of toon boom using none in the compression
if you have finale cut use that
line up your audio
then export out of finale cut

now you can export out again non compressed
then go to whatever dvd app your using
and chose the best dvd settings from there

as far as the blur goes
if it looks good in t boom it should be good
however if your talking about pixilation and seeing jagged edges
that’s what you’ll get with studio with the vectors



if i re-work the whole animation to be 30 fps
tell me in laymans terms how to get this thing to dvd with synced sound

thanks for your help so far

i am learning a lot but not enough to get it on dvd yet

really thanks, i hope you don’t give up on me.

Well, regarding your decision to rework your animation in 30 fps, I guess, you have chosen one of the NTSC-formats - which one please ?
Do you use Final Cut Pro / Express, iMovie, iDVD, Toast 8 / 9, or anything else ?


i have Final cut, FCE, imovie, idvd, and toast (no dvd pro)

i am thinking about your ideas about the image sequence timeline, and am working on making it 30fps now

one question - after importing, will it be ok to drag multiple folders of image sequences to the final cut timeline?

with there being 9000 frames i dont want to keep them in one toon boom timeline for fear of maxing out ram or glitching somehow from extensive size.

or can i safely use multiple scenes and export the ‘full movie’
(i haven’ t done that before)

Well, first of all, in TBS you have to set the resolution of your project…
let assume you go for widescreen… ?

Open Studio and from the Format Drop-down choose HDTV 1080 25p /
change the frame-rate to 30 / the Format will automatically switch to Custom /
give it a name and tick Create…

When you’re ready for export, go to File / Export Movie /
Export Format: choose Image Sequence /
tick the Options… button / from the Format: choose PNG, Photoshop or TIFF,
(I use mostly Photoshop, gives excellent results with reasonable file-size,
PNG works fine as well, TIFF might improve the quality slightly, but will increase the
file-size (MB) by about five-times, if you have the space, go ahead).

Choose your designated folder and let Studio do the hard work…
(in that resolution… that might take a moment).

Open Final Cut Express / top Toolbar / Easy Setup… / from the drop-down choose:
HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i60 / tick Setup.

If you like to import directly the folders containing the image sequences, first you have to set up FCE for that as well / open the User Preferences / Editing / and adjust the
Still/Freeze Duration, (00:00:00:01).
When you are done, quit FCE and open it again, otherwise your settings won’t be implemented.

You might consider using QuickTime Pro (File / Open Image Sequence…) to assemble your image sequences and importing those movies into FCE, might be much easier to edit for a “beginner”.

You might even consider and render your movies directly from Toon Boom Studio:
File / Export Movie / QuickTime Movie / Options / Settings: Apple Intermediate Codec /
30 fps / Key Frames: and Data Rate: Automatic / Size: 1920x1080 / Sound 48 kHz, 16 bit.

Anyway, start building your project in Final Cut Express, importing all your movies or folders and sound-files.

When you are ready, go to File / Export / QuickTime Movie / (don’t use QuickTime Conversion) / in the Save-window choose the destination / Include Audio and Video /
Chapter Markers (if you have created some) / don’t check Make Movie Self-Contained /
(I presume you’re working with one computer). Click Save.

This File drag or import into iDVD or Toast, but set them up for 16:9 before you start that project. Choose Best-, High- or Professional-Quality, and both of them will take care of the DVD-Compression for you.



i am now following your above directions :slight_smile:

one thing: it says "writing video"

and at the rate it is going it will take 4+ hours per 1000 frames (about 30 seconds of animation)

and the work is five minutes long - meaning 36 hours to process 5 minutes of output

does this sound right??


i am now following your above directions :slight_smile:

i wanted to make a 1000 frame test to see the difference btw the TB export and the FC export.

on the FC version…

one thing: it says "writing video"

and at the rate it is going it will take 4+ hours per 1000 frames (about 30 seconds of animation)

and the work is five minutes long - meaning 36 hours to process 5 minutes of output

does this sound right??

(i have about 14 or 15 hrs til i have to set up- its 7 pm EST)

THANKS so much 4 helping me out. u rock!

if it doesn’t work time-wise i have the- TB to imovie -backup method but that looks only fair at best

either way i want to pursue doing it right for future showings
(the clearest way)

Well, I guess you’re exporting out of Final Cut Express ?
“File / Export / QuickTime Movie…” ?
(that should take only a few minutes, rather seconds)

You’re not exporting “Using QuickTime Conversion…” aren’t you ?
(that starts fairly slowly sometimes, but speeds up later)

Would be very kind to let us know exactly what you’re doing !
Systems- and Software- specification would be very helpful as well !


i have a dual 2.0g PPC G5 mac
2.5g ram
Adobe CS
FinalCut :Pro and Express
live type
os 10.3.9
handbrake, isquint
2.2g C2D macbook
4g ram
toon boom studio
Adobe CS
illustrator cs2
guitar rig
flash mx
art rage
painter essentials
os 10.5.2
handbrake, isquint

i wasn’t using quicktime conversion in fc

narrative aside
the project is basically a png background (orig drawn in PS w/ a mouse, black lines on white- simple)
with 21 other pngs made from pieces of the the backdrop with transparency that blink on and off to make the backdrop appear as if it is squeezing and releasing

toon boom won’t keep the sound in sync with the motion
i just wanted to set the visual on a track in a movie program to add the sound. the sound lines up perfect to the video when i use the blurry export. even if toon boom could handle the sound, i still don’t know how i would get it to dvd clear. i thought if i could burn the clear version to dvd i could then rip my own dvd, maybe bad logic but it didnt work anyway.

i had to show the blurry version, but am very very interested in finding the answer


What version of:: Toon Boom Studio / FCExpress / Toast, - and image resolution ?

Toast titanium

FCE (the original)
FCP 5.0

and i guess TBS assumes internet because it pumps out the images in ‘image sequence’ at only 72 dpi

Final Cut Express 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4 ? = what version ?
Toast Titanium = what version ?
iDVD = what version ?
Image resolution from Photoshop ? = pixel x pixel ?

“dpi” might be important for printing on paper,
on the computer- or video-screen all that matters is the size of the image in pixels.

Toast 7
idvd 1
and idvd 7.0.1

i have to tell you the rez when i get home.