Help problem with symbols and templates?

Baffled as to what is going on here. When I create a symbol from a drawing or a layer from the time line into the library ( the icons are there) and then drag it from the library on to the stage or to the time line, nothing shows up. Grateful if any one out there can help. ???

Is your first frame of the drawing blank?

If so try the substition window to see if there are any in there at all.

Also check the window in the library to see if there is anything in the symbol.

Just want to double-check here. How are you creating the symbol? Are you doing a drag and drop? Are you dragging into a template library or into the symbols folder? Once you’ve created a symbol in the symbol folder, you can double-click on that symbol to go inside it and check what’s in there.

If you’re doing a drag, are you dragging from the left side of the timeline (where the name is) or the right side of the timeline (where the frames are)?