Help plz !!!! harmony wont start....

when i double click to open the application the harmony logo picture thing appears for a few seconds an then disappears i tried openning the file location and clicking the application in there which brought up a command prompt console kinda thing which says
Toon Boom Harmony Premium
Harmony Premium (HarmonyPremium.exe) version 14.0.0 build 11461 2016-06-21 14:02:21

11:00:59.656 Preference file not found: C:/Users/Kadeam Greaves/AppData/Roaming/Toon Boom Animation/localpref
11:00:59.666 TUMessage::setInstance: Request to set a second TUMessage singleton

and then nothings happens ive been searching online for a solution but have gotten no luck can someone help me plz

That error message is just an information message, it is not the cause
for the software not appearing properly. It’s possible that the window
is minimized. If that’s not the case, contact support to have a look on
your system.

If you have Norton, Kaspersky or McAfee antivirus installed, it may be
clocking the software from launching.