Help please.

I have recently been getting this warning everytime I start up TB Pro 2.

"Osb_file: License Warning
Your “Osb_file” license will expire in 1 day.
Please contact


Then I was told that:
“Your license is a permanent license, do you have a temporary license activated on the same machine, if so, you should remove it to stop the expiration message, thank you.”

I had the PLE version before I bought the full version but made sure I deleted it before installing the new full version??

I am a bit pissed. I paid a good chuck of money for this and that was the best they could tell me???!

How about a step by step to fix the issue hmm that would help, someone who paid a bunch of money for something that now they cant use!?!?

Seriously any help would be great.

have you opened the flex licence tool in the menu and had a look at if you only have the one licence there?

I think you have to return the temporary license not just remove the trial version of your computer.

Check in the license wizard> manage licenses to see if you have 2 license codes in there. You should have just the permanent. If the temporary is still there return it.

I used the license wizard and it says I have:

Animate 2 and shows the Product Code and Ex Date Permanent,

AnimatePro2 Shows Product Code and EX Date Permanent.

Then it shows Harmony #D Suite: Product Code, Ex Date: 23-jan-2013.

But everything is grayed out.

So I used my uninstaller and uninstalled everything TB. Restarted went to the site just downloaded TB Pro 2. Installed used the code given.

Started up TB Pro 2 and that same expiration came up. So I gave up for the night.

The next day I come home, Click TB Pro 2 and it starts up no warning or issues??? No water marks on the exported movie no issues. Confusing.

Could it have been Harmony doing that? But after I deleted it, it should have got rid of the issue.

harmony is on the same family as Animate.

Harmony licences open Animate I believe and it was probably trying to load with that expired licence.

Harmony license doesn’t open Animate. They are separate licenses. Actually the project are not compatible either. The interface of Animate is a sub-set of Harmony though.

But you might be right that the Harmony license could have been in conflict. When you came back the next day was it after a reboot? If so that would explain it. Sometimes after uninstalling softwares and flexlm licenses you need to reboot especially on Windows.