Help!! Please!!

i have to problems.
1. I dont know how to resize the camera!! I imported from flash but toon boom didnt use my mask so now i can see all the things that are supposed to not be visible and ive tried moving th camera but it doesnt look right. Can anyone tell me how to resize the camera.

2. How come when i export as AVI the picture goes fuzzy at stages and when i export as Quicktime its perfect. I would be happy with quicktime but windows movie maker doesnt except that format! Stupid windows. Can anyone tell me how to fix that or atleast a free converter because ive already spen $300 on this project and i cant afford to pay anymore after all i am only 14!!!

Thnks guys

I would look into purchasing Adobe Premier Elements (costs approx $99 but you can get good deals if you shop around). It will be worth it.

thanks Fire
but i siriously cant afford anymore. Sue patel is my aunts name and im only 14. The only reason i could afford the $300 is cos im hindu and traditions of india. For example i got 51 dollars for slapping my other aunt (due to religion- get rid of all the bad spitits- i think) in her baby shower!!!

Any ways thanks agen 4 tryin

And can anyone still help me on the exportin avi and resize camera problem.

Hi suepatel,

If your animation looks fuzzy it’s because your a probably using a DV compressor. DV will convert your movie for a television screen which as a different pixel ratio then your computer screen and this is normal.

When you export to AVI, choose “custom” instead of “Most Recent” in the settings box just under the AVI selection box. Then when you click “ok” a AVI setting window will open. At the top, click on the box and select one of the “BMP”, “Intel Video”, “CinePak” or “None” compressor. Exporting to DV Stream or AVI with a DV compression will make your animation blurry. Choosing “None” will give you the best quality and is the smart choice if you have a lot of disk space. Specially if you are going to use the video in an other program and then re encode it.

For your other problem, resizing the camera will not fix it. TBS is resolution independent and the camera size will only affect the size of the output. To resize your camera, click on File => Animation Properties.

Try it and see the results. Unless change the ratio between the horizontal and vertical size, not much is going to append there.

To fix your problem, you need to add a clipping mask on top of your swf movie.

For more information on the clipping mask, press F1 and search for “mask”. Choose the first listed topic "Creating Clipping Mask Effects"

Hope that helps !