Help please eye dropper issue

When I am in the color palette and a make a new color and double click on the new color and use the eye dropper to select a color from the scene the color is not even close with the eye dropper is over the color I want to select?

Even if I am over the white color card?

This is a well know issue for a very long time… (at least on the Mac)…
(unfortunately, certain links don’t work anymore since the introduction of the new forum)

Apparently the “Toon Boom Team” is working hard to resolve this issue…

See it worked just fine in 10.6.8, everything worked fine. Now if even if I do command S to save it does nothing, I have to go to mouse save.

Very sad indeed.

That is correct…

As far as I know, the issue started with OSX 10.7. (Lion)…

Did this issue ever get sorted ?

I now have a better iMac and it still does the same thing even after re-image my iMac to the bare essentials and just install TBP2 on it the issue was still there.

I want to go to Harmony but I have had nothing but troubles, so far everyone I speak on PC computer, are not having any issues but to get a computer that will run great with Harmony will run about 1400 bucks.

Try the PLE of version 3 and see whether this works better.

You can delete the PLE after if you want. It doesn’t take much space though. I used to keep the PLE’s installed to use for experimenting but have since done a full drive format and fresh install. I didn’t reinstall the PLE’s.

I am still using 10.6.8 so I cannot give you feedback whether this problem is still an issue.