Help :: Panning Background & Moving Objects

I’m using Storyboard Pro 4.

I’m trying to create the below effects for animatic purposes.

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:arrow_forward:︎ Panning Background + Moving Obj

Effect I’m trying to replicate:
:sparkles: :sparkles:

I’m trying to create the above effect within a scene: where the background is panning while the foreground characters are ALSO alternating between layers (i.e. “in-between animation” effect).

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:arrow_forward:︎ Static Background + Moving Obj

The second effect I’m trying to create is one similar to this:
:sparkles: :sparkles:
(See 0:09 were Fred goes o.s. right).

The effect I want to create is where the character moves across a background within a scene while alternating between layers and the background remains static.

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Tools I’ve been trying to utilize are: “camera tool, first frame,” and “last frame”.

Bumping this in hopes of getting some kind of response.

Hi Kappy,

Answer 1) You will create a panel with your character and your BG on a separate layer. You will then create as many panels as you need to depict the motion the character goes through. Once that is done and you are happy with the timing, you will go back to the first panel.
Using the First Frame and Last Frame tools (above the Camera tool) you will position the background so that it pans, from left to right for example. Then, you ill go in the top menu Layer, and click on Spread Layer Motion, which is towards the end of the menu list.
You will then decide the amount of panels you are trying to spread the layer motion across of.

Answer 2) In order to have a static background and have a character go through different poses, you will create multiple panels. You will copy your background layer and paste it in every panel.

I hope this helps,