Help opened in wordpad, doesn't work.

i just have started with Toon Boom 5.0, and what a great program this is, as far as i already have seen.

i immediately had of course some issues when i first started that i wanted to solve by using the Help button in the taskbar above. But when i click on Getting started Guide a Wordpad doc. opened, with only computer code, (loads of 0 ands zero’s and signs.) clearly Wordpad is the wrong file sort to use for this, but, what is the right one? and how can i change this so it does work well?
i looked under Preferences/ Help Guide but couldn’t see a option to change this, if this the right place to do so that is…

hopefully someone can help me with this so i can really start using this simply awesome word, (and i don’t use the word Awesome likely like a lot of people do, but in this case it just does fit very well!!


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The file is a pdf. You should be able to open it with acrobat reader.