Help on using the cutter tool on colour art and line art overlay layers

Hello everyone, I am new here at Toon Boom community. I am currently working on a project which forces me to use the light shading effect on Toon Boom Harmony. The way I go about doing it is to first create the entire puppet in the line art layer, and then, in the colour art layer, I would create the carvings and the addings feature for the light shading. Because this is puppet rigging, I then cut the puppet in line art, and then follow through by cutting the same area in the colour art layer. I am wondering if there is an easier way to do this, as I have to cut the same areas twice, and having to do so precisely at those areas. How can I cut both the line art layer and the colour art layer and distribute them to a new drawing layer, but still keep them separated as line art and colour art layers?