Help on painting multiple frames

Hello everyone,
need some help here. How does the multiple drawing painting mode works? Im trying to use it but im not sure if I can specify the number of frames or the beginning-end of the drawings i want to paint in a certain sequence.
Help please!


It’s my understanding that when you click the “apply to multiple drawings” option in the paint tool, it will paint the current shape and any drawings in the same layer that overlap it at the point where the brush is clicked (providing they are gapless or meet the close gap criteria chosen). You can do a quick test by making drawings of 5 elipses in different frames, using the elipse tool. Make the overlap in different ways then try painting them from the top drawing.

I don’t believe that there’s any “start frame/ end frame” functionality. Indeed, it seems to paint frames both forward and backward from the frame being painted.

Hope this is of some help.


Thank you Roberto,
very useful info, i guess it would be a good feature to add something like the start/end frame function for the painting. Thanks a lot!