Help on finding Kick-start temps

Hi, I’m new at Toon Boom and I wish to know that I have dowloaded the Animate Free Edition and from there I have got the kick-start tutorials. Does anyone know where the samples are. e.g. the Ballerina because I’ve been trying to find the sample on the website but I can’ any help

For me, using Animate (not Pro) , on the E-learning section (On the Animate Family page, go to Animate and one of the tabs should say “e-learning” -that’s where the kickstart tutorials are. Below the Pictures for the Kickstart videos, is a few links, one that’s a PDF on how to install the materials and below that, the material downloads themselves.

On my Mac, the materials open up as a installation program and automagically installs the materials and makes a Library folder in Animate itself.

Be mindful that if you need to delete/reinstall Animate, you’ll need to reinstall this (or any other ToonBoom installed Template), as these material/library installs seem to patch or something the Animate program itself.

Make sure that you run the Kick-Start installation as an administrator.

You can download the sample material from the eLearning section for that product. For Animate, see the following link:

You’ll find the sample material under the “Sample Material” heading in the Video Training box.

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