Help! No tools work but grab

I keep having this really frustrating problem. In Toon Boom v.4

If i switch over into another program or window running on my P.C., And then return to Toon Boom, only grab will work, no matter what tool I pick.

I can hold shift and it will switch to the tool I want, but only when shift is held.
I can fix this only by pounding on my keyboard, some combination sets it back.
I tried all the keys by them selves and no fix, only when I mash on em.

I looked through all the menus and settings, see none that apply. I
I am pretty sure this happens when I maximize another program window.
I like watching tutorial vids and switch back and forth.

If someone knows the key combo to fix, that would be good enough.

Thanks. ???

It sounds like one of the following situations may be happening, but it is difficult to know exactly just from what you wrote. If you are coming back into TBS with a peg element selected in the timeline or the camera selected in the timeline then none of the drawing tools will work because you don’t have a drawing element selected. If you are coming back in drawing view then none of the scene planning tools will work because you need to be in camera view. The “pounding” on the keyboard sounds like you are hitting a keyboard short cut that either changes your view from drawing to camera or selects a different timeline element etc. So the next time this occurs check to see what element is selected and what view is active when you switch back into TBS. Just some possible causes for you to check out. -JK