help needed!


I have a big problem using toonboom4.0. Ijust bought a new laptop with vista on it, geforce6700…

Everytime i import my drawing files (tga’s) there’s no problem, but as soon that i move them in the timeline, the program totaly chrashes!

Any idea whats the reason for this?
thx :wink:


This may be related to the renderer used. Go to the top menu Edit>Preferences>Display tab. In there change the Renderer from either Direct3D to OpenGL or the opposite. Then save and restart the program.

Let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties.



Hi again,

The problem still occurs, i switched from directx to opengl, and even put textures and images to the lowest and turned my memory usage to unlimited… . When i vectorise my tga drawings there seems to be no problem, but i would like to keep them with texture ( as the orginial drawing, each drawing= around 2MB). Like i said, im running vista, could it be that i need a patch or something?

thx alot already
simon ( belgium )

Hi Surm,

If you have 4.0 you should not need any patch.

By the way could you explain exactly what you mean by moving on the timeline. Do you mean moving the element over time or simply extending it’s exposure.

Also, would it be possible to know the resolution of the drawing you imported and are you able to move them if you import a single one in your scene?

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Hello Udo

Exactly, i mean moving the element over time ( but afterwards i also intend to put my drawings on 2’s), i just want to move them from position on the timeline ( for example drawing 1 to 20 have to come on frame place 65 to 85)

My drawings measure 1024x576 with 150dpi. When i import a single frame, and try to move it, the program works normal.

I also noticed that my memory usage runs up to 200.000kb when only importing 20 drawings.

Thanx your a great help


Simon :wink:


This seems to me that the amount of images imported is exceeding the capability of your memory which crashes the system at one point. We have done some work on bitmap management in the upcoming 4.5 version so you might want to try running a test on the trial once it is out to see if you get better result.

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