Help needed with the Animation Pro Video Tutorials (Solved)


I’m currently exploring the Animation Pro 2 environment on a friends pc, focusing mostly on the learning curve and watching the video tutorials under the resources tab on the site. I believe that’s the best way to find out if it’s suited for me, since I’m an absolute beginner in the field of animation.

However I don’t seem to find the video referring to the rigging of the rabbit, mentioned many times by the author of the tutorial on the series of video tutorials.

Is it possible to be stored somewhere else within the site? Any information would be very much appreciated, since I am almost finished with the videos and there seems to be a gap in the process of animating leading to much confusion.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I just found out that the whole series of the tutorials for the AP2 can be found within the ToonBoom’s channel on YouTube.

Go to the video tutorials for Animate Pro. Select the Tutorial “Video Basics”.
You will see there a download link called “Sample Material”. The Kung-Fu rabbit template should be there.