Help needed with interpolation between cells (drawing substitutions)

Sorry for the duplicate post but I won’t getting any replies on the TBS forum and thought someone here might be able to help. Here’s my question:

I made some (mouth) drawing substations/cells for my object to morph (change shape) over time. It seems that the interpolation between the different shapes is abrupt (stepped). Is there any way to give it more ease without having to create more cells? I don’t see how to do it in the function editor.
If it is not possible, would some type of bone setup be the only way to control ease between morph targets?


In general, the amount of morphed layer is determined by the number of frame between two drawings. less frame number inbetween will look more stepped which is normal. You can however change the ease of the inbetweening from the Tool properties of Morphing tool in Animate Pro.