Help needed with cut out characters and seeing drawing elements

Hello All.

I’m a major noob to Toon Boom. But, hey, it can’t be that difficult to learn, right? Right.

So, my problem is so lame, but I need some HELP. Please.

K, lemme start, I watched some tuts on how to create cut out characters, and i get the whole hierarchy of the pegs thing, and well, peg, and pivot points and so on. It’s a good tut, and I know 3D animation (but i hate it, 2D is so much cooler)

anyway, my problem is…drawing elements!!!

I drew my character in Toon Boom, all nice and vector.

Now the tut said, just cut the thing apart and add the elements to pegs.

sounds easy enough, but they don’t show you HOW TO CUT YOUR NEWLY DRAWN CHARACTER APART! and when i do cut it apart, and paste it as a new element, well, there’s nothing, blanks, zippo.

and i can’t see all my elements at the same time, (in the same view) so I can’t arrange my character (if i draw every single part on its on on a different drawing element or whatever)

so, (finally) my question is, how do i see all my drawing elements at the same time? is there a function i missed in one of the drop down menus? or am i simply not clued up enough and i’m asking a really dumb question here?

(overview time of what i have been doing)
- i’ve drawn my character
-i’ve cut her into pieces with the scissor tool


how do i get each part to be a different drawing element.

and what I REALLY wanna know, how to I see all my drawing elements at the same time so i can rig my darn charcter.

PLEASE HELP. I know this is a long post for a stupid thing.

thanks in advance…hopefully.

Try reading and working through these tutorials, they are very detailed and straight forward.[url=]Building a Cut-out Character[url=]Rigging a Cut-out Character[url=]Animating a Cut-out CharacterAsk questions if you need clarification. -JK

thanks so much!I’ll get right on it!:3