Help needed please from a struggling student

Hello Folks
My name is Micheal , I am a fourth year Honors student from Ireland.
I am using Toon Boom for my final project, I love it so far but I am been tested.
I have drawn my character in many different formats on one stage, now when I am trying to rig each individual I am finding it tough as pieces are going missing, I can see them in the library section but not on screen. I suspect I may have done to much on one window, Is there a way that you could have a gander at my file and see what I can do to resolve this. I have attached a link on Goggle drive. ,
Please could someone have a look and see where and how many times I went wrong.
The idea is to rig each character differently, then animate it separately, help please,
The college I attend has this program this year, but alas not one of the lectures can use your software, I am the only user of Toon Boom in the college.
Thanks for your time

Hello! ok so I looked at your file and wow theres a lot, first thing I noticed was your node view, and ordering, that is waaay to cluttered, you should learn to use composites and peg layers and drawing cells vs drawing layers. here is good tutorial series for you to check out.
it looks like you have all your elements for the scene here but none of it is rigged properly to work. Let me share an example of two rigs I have in 1 scene

These rigs are not complete, full disclosure, but they are capable of doing a full a turnaround they have between 30 and 40 mouths each, they are functional, I can animate with them fairly quickly, they have control handles. when building a rig, the purpose is to make animation easier, so you want to spend some time building a good rig, and there is no right way to do it

Thanks gabe.jimenez for responding to my plea.
Am I better putting each character into a separate stage? I have about 24 different poses on the one stage.
Thanks for your videos I will have a gander now.
If I were to start over for a separate stage each, how can I lift the layers into a new stage?
Thanks again Gabe Jimenez.

yeah the tutorial series will definitely be your best bet. As far as getting your character in the new stage if your character is already there just group all that together and set it aside and start from scratch and follow the tutorials, all the assets are already there you just need to put them in the right place, get ready because cut and paste are about to be your best friend. tip: make sure you piece it together in the drawing view using the grid, this way everything is in proper perspective.

Thanks again lad,
will try and attack it this way now.