Help needed in animating short comedy.

Hi, I am making a short comedy about an elderly couple who own a bakery in the U.K. and their jobless friend Mark who has an unfortunate trip to the states.

I use toon boom studio, but have animate if anyone uses that?

The story is complete and the script is almost complete, some of the characters are being recorded at the moment.

I have a musician from the states helping with the script and post production music.

I have started character design, but need a redneck character. female hooker and a taxi driver and a few backgrounds.

I am quite happy to make the whole cartoon myself, but thought i would ask to see if anyone would be interested as we all know how long it takes!!

I’m not that great at animating, but I’ve made a few cartoons that have been quite successful. Last year I won a film award at the Porthleven Film Festival in Cornwall, U.K. for a comedy cartoon called “Fly Cornwall”

I posted a cartoon on my facebook last week, which has received 12,000 views. My most successful cartoon has had 23,000 views.

There is no money as I am a hobbyist. but you will get full credits on my Cornish News, comedy Facebook page, which has over 6200 followers.
There will also be a news story about the production featuring in the local papers where I live in the UK explaining how a local man has been working with people in America to make the cartoon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

(Fly Cornwall)

Steve Heller