Help needed for script beginner in Harmony

Hi everyone,
i was looking for a script that could creates a write node already setted with specifics attributes ; i tried by best to find it into the forum, but either the links are dead or scripts don’t work

I need to precise that, I KNOW NOTHING IN SCRIPTING :joy:
But, i reached to something like this, the syntax seems valid but simply doesn’t works, meh.

I would like it to insert a node write linked to the selected node, with those attributes :
Name : write_selectedNodeName
Image Folder : frames\selectedNodeName
Image Filename : selectedNodeName_ (underscore is very important)
Start : 100
Leading Zeros : 0001
Image Format : PNG
Colour : Colour + Alpha

Could anyone has an idea how to create such that script ?
That would be so great, you would save my life (or at least my life at work, haha)

Have a great day everyone !!