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This forum seems very helpful, but as a new Toon Boom user I’m still quite confused about this topic;action=display;threadid=3786

I’ve got to step four of this with no problems but when I click to open the context menu (step five) I have no option to “duplicate drawing”. I’ve been trying this for hours and hours and I’ve read and re-read your post but still can’t get my ‘plane.png’ image to appear in different places in different frames. I’d love some help with this. I can duplicate the element but this seems untenable for making a whole animation, I don’t know how to duplicate the cell.

In fact, I can see the duplicate drawing command, but it has no effect, the plane still appears in the same location in all frames!

Thank you in advance.
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Be aware that when you do a duplicate of a drawing it will automatically be located in the exact same location as the original drawing, which could explain why you cannot see that duplicate.

In the camera view, after duplicating try to select one of the duplicates in the timeline and use the scene planning select or transform tool to move it aside and see if the duplication did indeed take place.

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Here are a couple of tips that may help with your confusion.

After you have duplicated a drawing you have actually created a unique new cell in the same element. To verify this try the following:

1. In the timeline: mouse over the frame-cell location of the duplicated drawing and you will see that when its cell name is displayed it is different from the name of the original cell which shows you that it may look identical but it is a unique and independent copy of the original cell and can be modified without changing the original cell.

2. Switch to the exposure sheet and look in the column for your element and you will see that the new cell has a unique name which is different from the original cell.

Hope this helps -JK

Thanks guys, I understand a bit more now and have acheived my first basic animation. I’m still a bit confused - i watched an amateur tutorial on youtube and the guy was happily ctrl-c and ctrl-v ing cells into different frames and they were all independent - with no duplication involved.

I’m sure I’ll work it out though - practice makes perfect