help! my hand just fell off!

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve run into this interesting problem.

I created my character turn around as you can see below.

Though I’m still working on it I decided to do a short animation test and this is what happened:

In the first image everything is fine…

that is until I try to swap out the hand with one from a different view

Everything is definitely pegged and rigged properly.

Obviously I’ve done something wrong here. What is the correct way to try and do this?

Also what do you recommend is a good way to make the shirt seamless at the shoulders? I guess what I have right now kind of works and I just need to redraw the shoulder area so there isn’t a gap at the joint.
But if I do this I think in certain poses you’ll see part of a stub poking out from the shoulder area.

I’ve run into similar problems like this myself as I am learning Harmony. Have you gone through the AnimatePro training? She shows very detailed explanations of using patch objects to get the different sub-layers to work to fix problems where limbs meet.

As for the hand going out of control, my guess is that your pivot may not be correct. Maybe you accidentally animated it while setting things up? I found I had done that inadvertently because I had the animate button turned on when I didn’t realize it.

How do things look in the Network view? Is your hierarchy parented together correctly, and are your pivots set in the objects properties to correctly inherit or pass their pivot position? Just throwing out some areas to check for you.

Ahh… I figured it out!

I didn’t realize I needed to create the different poses, for example for the hands , for every single angle , front, side , back etc

Ok I’ll post an update when I’m done…