Been working on my second episode and all was going well, heck I was near finished. Added some simple drawings and clicked save. An error report popped up saying the global library was not saved but the drawing was. I had saved many times earlier with no problem. Tried many different ways to save, but to no avail! I did close the program finally and went to bed. This morning I open Toon Boom Studio and all seems normal, load up screen, episode two opens and though the timeline shows that all elements are there but theres nothing on the drawing view. I look into the library and there are none of my project files!!! Hundreds of pictures,backgrounds, and animations just disappeared! Everything is there except the actual image (scene names, properties,most of the elements are even in media format) like I said I was near finished. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for posting your help request.
We would like to try and help you put your project back together.
Please send and email to so we can assist you.