HELP!! me please!! my animation looks like squigglevision!!

ok, here’s the problem,…no matter WHAT software i use, no matter WHAT im animating, my animation looks so unstable. ok here is an example of what i mean: alright, im trying to animate a head turn clockwise. now this takes,… ummm 12 frames. now in each frame, (since im drawing the head over and over again) the head looks a little different from the last, IN SHAPE. so, when i press play, the animation of the head would look all wobbly. i searched, scanned and litterally scavenged the internet for SOMETHING that even gets CLOSE to my little problem here. …and guess what,…i didnt find a dang thing. so toon boom forum is my last hope, can someone please explain to me exactly how i get my animations to NOT turn out wobbly and unprofessional, (even if im not a pro) in other words, is there anyway, i could have my animation smooth and stable? after all this IS supposedly “the all in one” software.

oh and yes im using a tablet, i know how to use it, but my animation looks wobbly regaurdless. :-\

Here are my suspicions: you are trying to use too many drawings and have them spaced very close together so you are getting a lot of wobble in your lines. Fewer drawing spaced further apart will probably work better for such a fast action. By spacing I am referring to the amount of change between drawings. A very slight change means drawings are closer together while a more significant change means they are further apart. A head turn could easily be done with 5 or 6 drawings that were spaced far apart. It would be quick but probably look smoother than using 12 really close drawings.Also if you are going to make really close drawings be sure to use the onion skinning feature so that you can get your lines not to vary too much between drawings. -JK