HELP, Mathieu, HELP!

Hi, Mathieu (or anyone else who can help me)-

I just tried to open an old project in the Beta Version of Toon Boom and it says Beta has expired. I tried to open it in the new, completed Version 3 and I get the same message.

I’d used TBS as a vector illustration vehicle for a commercial project and now the client wants a slight revision on the character. Is there ANY WAY I can access that work? If not, I am screwed. I did output the art to a Flash file & I’m going to try to import that back into TBS V.3, but I’m not sure I can and I’m not sure it’ll have the necessarylayers I created in the Toon Boom version.

There surely must be some way to open those Beta files.




Mathieu, I figured it out. I have 2 hard drives on my Mac G5 and I’d created it on one, but stored it on the other. I dragged it back to my 2nd hard drive (my 250 GB animation drive) and did a “Save As” and all the necessary folders appeared and it now opens, everything is there and all is well.

Whew! I just finished the client changes on the illustration and the files have been e-mailed. All is well.


Hi Elwood,

If you have this kind of situation again, you can by pass this by saving your drawings as a templates in a external library that you can create. Then you will be able to access the library from any compatible version.

This works just fine if you only want to open drawings.

BTW, I’ll have more details later today regarding the development build for you to download.

Thanks for your patience.

Great News, Mathieu! I’m looking forward to the new build download later today. And thanks for the tip for opening those unruly Toon Boom files.

Best Wishes,