Help! Mac or Windows for ToonBoom?


Im wanting to finally take the plunge into doing Animation as well as set up my business!

so since I’ve been out of the game for awhile, I wanted to get an idea what those of you that are in the field, what are your preferences to run these programs on!

Toom Boom Pro

Toom Boom Story Board

Adobe Premier

wacom tablet


Windows. There is no doubt about this in my mind. Apple no longer really cares for the creative professional, and their hardware is far too expensive for what it offers. I used to be a Mac fan, but that love cooled down to sub-zero temperatures in the past 10 years.

A Windows workstation also gives you far more flexibility in regards to graphics hardware (important) and hardware maintainability. Should your graphics card fail, or memory it’s just a matter of one trip to the computer store to get a replacement and continue your work. In stark contrast, Mac hardware is impossible to service yourself nowadays if need be.

And you’ll get much more powerful hardware for less or equal money - which you can invest in a nice Cintiq/XP tablet or larger Wacom, or other things.

Instead of Adobe Premiere I would suggest Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, which is a professional NLE system, and 1) better than Premiere, and 2) free or a inexpensive full perpetual license (unlike Premiere).

By the way, Toonboom Pro no longer exists: it is now called Toonboom Harmony. Get at least the Advanced edition.

Thanks bunches! Looks like I’ll go Windows!

Thanks bunches! Looks like I’ll go Windows!

Hey-do you what windows do you prefer (such as looking at the hp z-line) or custom build or what ?!

I think it’s better a custom build, make sure it has a decent graphics card.