[HELP] Line Art isnt showing

Hi…so when i try to draw with the elipse or square tool, i see the shape form as i drag my cursor…but when i let go the shape disappears…I CANT SEE IT… but i know its there cuz when i us the paint bucket over where i assume i dragged it, it then fills in the shape but no line art…

Difficult to know

Is the line size in tool setting set to 0?
Any other features selected in the tool settings?

What colors have you selected when drawing the line?

its not really about the line size…i attended an animation class where reference files were shared…on teachers computer,there are lines…but when i open the files on mine the lines dont show…
i used the default if yo want to know…
Also i noticed when i draw with the pencil tool it doesnt show a line when ive let goof the cursor…
The brush tool on the other hand works fine though

Which graphic card model is your system using?
Have you tried updating the graphic card driver?

its an Intel HD graphics card
And yes drivers are up to date :frowning:

Whether the drivers are up to date is not really the issue.
Windows update can install graphic card libraries that interfere
with OpenGL display and in some cases outright crash the
software. Please try re-installing the graphic card driver.

If that doesn’t help to resolve the issue, please contact
support to have a look at the project.