Help Light and shadow

I use Harmony premium and I use this technique ( with the node ) to add light and shadow to my drawing.
But I don’t understand , sometime it’s work and other time it did NOTHING.
Please , Do someone know how to fix that ?
Thanks very much

Can you provide an example when it doesn’t work, with a screen capture of your node view?

I add it on my fist post.
it’s like that ( usually I also use the node " light position" )
And when I put the node “Display” to " Normal map" I can see my drawing with the sort of volume effect (yellow/orange) in the render view but that all.

Did you figure this out? Any new ideas on what is set incorrectly? I could not see a problem from you node map.

No, I really don’t understand…

It is hard to see much from your screen capture, I mean just going by the little navigator thumbnail in the bottom right corner I can see that there are 3 items, Drawings?, that are red, that are disabled.

Can you show the entire node view as well as the drawing/character that you want to have light/shading on? One of the gotchas that always gets me is that sometimes in the Volume Object and in the Normal Map the volume ID number does not match or is not set or all the objects that you want defined are not set up.

A great resource to learn about Light Shading is from Adam Phillips, here is a playlist of him going over light shading on youtube:

He explains it better than I ever could.