Help in Toronto?

Is there anybody in Toronto who is familiar with Harmony who would be willing to sit down with me and help me understand how this software works?

I’m neither in Toronto or that familiar with the software myself yet, but I’m also thinking the best thing would be some one-on-one training. The ToonBoom programs are very powerful, but at the same time really unlike anything else. So it’s quite a steep learning curve.

I’m making my way through the very easy to follow online tutorials.
Have you gone through these yet? It is answering a lot of my beginner questions, but I still have a long way to go.

More great stuff here…

I’m told that also viewing the AnimatePro tutorials will get you going, too. I’m working through them now.

My deformation bones appear and disappear like Cheshire cats. After watching more than 11 hours of video tutorials often more than once, my brain hurts, and I would just like to be able to talk to some nice person who knows how to use this software.

I would like to be able to rig a horse and rider, a bird and a dragon and a tree blowing in the wind, but right now I can’t even animate a fish with a single deformer. I move the drawing and the bone doesn’t go with it or I move the bone and the drawing doesn’t go with it, and it would be nice to have somebody who could just tell me, oh you need to click on such and such first.

How about a nice tutorial on animating a fish and a bit of seaweed that doesn’t assume that I already know how to animate anything? I don’t want to rig up an entire Karate Rabbit just to figure out how to use a curve deformer.

I’m sure there is someone who can help. Have you ever done a Skype thing where you can share desktops? If nobody is near you, but I would think there is being in Toronto… maybe you could do a Skype thing.
I do that a lot with my customers for all kinds of projects. A while ago, I paid a guy to give me some hands on lessons in Maya for a character I needed to get done quickly. Worked great that way, and no travel. We did an hour each morning for a week.

Especially if you’ve been through all of this training, you can ask the good questions instead of where I’m at right now. Which is basically how do I turn this thing on…