help in Animate pro

Hi there, my name is Nate. First off I just wanna say that Toon Boom Studio is an excellent program! I had a drawing issue but I fixed it by switching from OpenGL to DirectX. I have lots of fun working in it, and I’ve got a big project coming out soon. Today I downloaded a trial version for animate pro. I’m having the drawing issue again. When I’m drawing, nothing shows up, but when I lift up on my mouse or tablet, the stroke shows. Is there a way to fix this as well? Oh I use it on Windows Vista.

There are fixes but i can’t remember, i am sure Lilly will post some.

However remember you can’t open files from the learning edition in the full edition (EG do your project in learning edition and render in the full edition).

I myself am still having this problem I use intel built on and just updated my drivers and have open gl and turn off aero themes and still have this problem =(

Just want to point out that this is Animate forum, not the Studio forum.

But let me see if I can help you, anyway. Couple of things:

1) What’s your graphics card? Are you using an NVidia or ATI card?

2) If you’re on Windows Vista, try to turn off the Aero theme on your desktop. Right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize, then switch to a Basic theme.

3) Last but not least you can try to update your graphics drivers.


Well it’s a graphics program that makes use of OpenGL, and this is why it clearly states in the system requirements that you need to have an ATI or NVidia graphics card. The tricks I gave about Aero have sometimes helped people that have other graphics cards, but we don’t support Intel cards, so there’s not much else I can recommend.