HELP! i have a big problem with opening files

i just got a harmony free trial
but i have this big problem.

of course i export my file onto my computer
but right after i upload it on to my computer i try to open it and it says
ERROR file not found.

this gets me so annoyed from all the work i put into it
of course iv’e tried opening the file a couple of times and that id not work.
i also have tried to export it many times but every time it did not work
and all of that was very confusing!

please help me with this error i have tried many times
to get it to work but all of those times it did not work

i hope one of ya’ll can help me.


I think its best to contact support and you can maybe send them the file and see what happened.

/ Mattias

thank you i will try to see what i can do.
i really hope the owners help me out on this one