Help! I can't get this cat's stripes to cut properly over the leg

Hi all, I’m working on a rig and I can’t get the stripes on the leg working properly.

The stripes on that screen left leg are a separate drawing layer with a cutter - matte hooked up to the Left Leg Composite’s Colour-Art node. I almost have the effect I want but the stripe is over the leg’s line art just slightly… any tips?

Hello athomas.9,

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what you could try is:

  1. Duplicate the part of line, that you want to pass above the “tatoo”, to the drawing’s “Overlay” layer.
  2. In Harmony’s “Node Library” search for a module called “Overlay-Layer”, drag it into the nNode View and connect it to your upper leg’s drawing.
  3. Now, you can either use this as a matte for another cutter or just connect it somewhere more left to the leg’s composite, in order to be displayed on top.