Help! I can't delete my deformation keys!

I just bought the advanced harmony program and I’m trying to redo a scene by deleting the keys and starting over. Everything else is back to default except the curve deforms which keep moving. How do I get rid of the curve deform keys without having to start a new scene? Thank you for any help!

Select the deformation keyframes on the timeline and delete them (delete or F7)
Delete the deformation group (or bones if you don’t have deformation groups) on the Timeline or Node View.

If you don’t see keyframes maybe you applied the deformation without the Animate mode on? In that case, you can delete the deformation group.

If you want to keep the deformer and just reset its position you can click on the icon Reset Current Keyframe on the Deformation toolbar (icon with red and green bones over a C). This will add keyframes so you probably want to do it on the first frame of the scene.

Luis Canau