HELP! I can´t open my project

I updated my computer yesterday and since then my Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 is failing. At first I couldn´t open my project, I tryed to open it and it didn´t do anything. Then I tryed with other older projects and nothing. After a few failed attempts it showed me an error message.
It was about Adobe Flash so I re-instaled it but nothing. So I re-instaled my Toon Boom but still nothing.
Every time I try to open my project it stays static, loading for a while but then the computer says “the program is not responding” and I need to close it. After, I tryed to change the name, change the ubication, I tryed to use the .aux with the ~ and still nothing.
I have Windows 10.
I don´t know if my project was too big for the program or if the actualization of my computer ruined it.
I only want to find the way to save my project.
I will appreciate the help.

Can you open Harmony at all?

If not, stop trying to open existing projects as it is possible that you could corrupt the files.

What exactly did you do to update your computer?

At some point 10.3 will no longer be compatible with newer operating systems.

I tryed making a new project and it works but no with the older ones I made.

For Update my computer I did nothing, I only turn on my computer and the machine said “Installing new updates”, I waited a half an hour, until it finished to loading everything and that was all. But something strange that happened was that this update took a much longer than other updates.

Do you think I need a most recent Toon Boom?

I am sorry that I don’t have a solution for you.

If you can start new projects maybe it is just a matter of a specific system file that was changed by the update which is not recognizable by the project files. They may rely on something that has been altered too much.

It sounds like you would be able to rebuild an identical project with your current system because the system itself works with the software and it is only the projects that depended on the system file or files in their previous state.

If you could learn enough about this you might be able to patch things up or rebuild the project drawing upon project folder content.

Thank you so much for the help. :slight_smile:

So is that means I need to rebuild my projec from cero again? Is there no other option?

Support might be able to help pin down the cause.

As it is now the two options I would consider are adding a hard drive and installing the older operating system for a dual boot option. You could use one drive with more than one partition. A partition is viewed as a hard drive. Then you would just designate a different boot partition on the fly and reboot to the other installation. But the current installation probably needs to be backed up and wiped out so you could reformat the drive.

I use Macs. It has been a long long time since I used Windows. I know I could add partitions without reformatting the drive on a Mac. But it is more risky and I would prefer to reformat the drive. Drives are so inexpensive I would just build an alternate installation from scratch. It does not have to be a full installation of everything you have installed now. Just the OS and anything you use with Harmony.

This still may not work because you do not yet know that the old projects will work this way. It is an experiment. But it is probably easier than rebuilding several animation projects.

If it didn’t work you would still have the additional drive for storage.

Well, thank you so, so, so much for the help.
I will try that.