HELP!!!...format problems when exporting to DVD

I’m really confused because i have done a film in 16/9 format, but when i try to export it to dv stream it converts it to 4/3. I have tried to choose 16/9 format in the options dialog box but it doesn’t matter. What should i do?

Well, if your project file in Studio was created either in DV Anamorphic,
or HDTV 720 / 1080 and if you have chosen the following settings:
“In the Export Window click Option… change the Aspect Ratio to 16:9”.
Then your exported movie should keep the widescreen-ratio…

Not sure, if “DV-Stream” is the right format for exporting to DVD…?
You might try QuickTime Movie with the “Animation-”, “DV-”, or if you’re using a Mac
“Apple Intermediate Codec” - or use Image Sequence…
Keep everything as uncompressed as possible…
Your DVD authoring software will do all the compression for you…
(the better the source-material, the better the outcome)


Thanks a lot for the advise and everything :smiley: Quick Time Movie was much better to use and I got the right format too.