Help for quicktime

ahh!!this iss my first post…I downloaded toon boom studio… opened it…it asked for quicktime.player showing some err with number…then I downnloaded quicktime and installed… then install wizard showed me that quicktime installed successfully…but whenever I clicked on it it doesn’t open…then also I opened the toon boom… but it was showing the same err like before…what can I do??? the link for downladng quicktime for windows 7 and installation process…

The latest Quicktime versions (7.7.7 and 7.7.8 ) are broken on Windows 10.
You would need to install an older version instead.

quicktime for windows 7:

youtube installation video:

I must let you know, Quicktime is no longer supported for windows due to a bug or something that is easily hackable, or something along those lines, I can’t remember. I also use quicktime on Windows and haven’t run into issues, but I couldn’t provide you the download link without giving you proper warning. Sucks Toon Boom doesn’t support any other video player, would be really useful to us windows users.

Quicktime for Windows is a messy affair indeed. Every security expert and Microsoft warn against installing Quicktime, and for good reason: the quicktime player is compromised, and if you do have to install Quicktime, only install the codecs, and AVOID installing the player.

After Apple stopping support and development of Quicktime in April 2016 (over a year ago!) and failing to fix the security holes, one would expect the Toonboom developers to have an alternative in place by now. Sadly (shockingly enough) this is still not the case. It’s a pretty bad situation.

VLC player plays quicktime movies. Perhaps you could install the codecs only, and use VLC player for playing?

In Storyboard Pro already have a replacement solution for Quicktime
and we are actively working to replace it in Harmony also.

That said, the vulnerability of Quicktime may have been exaggerated
a little for political reasons due to Apple refusing to unlock the iPhone
for a high-profile criminal court case that was going on at the time.

Your advice, while well-intentioned, ignores the fact that you still need
Quicktime for Harmony currently for importing/exporting audio.

Only the codecs are required, correct? The player component is not required for importing and exporting audio?

@rkriz - Any date or timeline as to when Harmony will support alternative video players for windows users?

No, it’s not just the codecs but also the “container” (i.e. the .mov format)
Same for audio, there is the codec/compressor which is the digitized
encoded data and the format itself (.aif, .mov, mp3) which is the container.

You need both together because if you only have the codecs, you still can’t
play or encode the movie or audio when you have a video file or wish to make

I’m unfortunately not at liberty to provide exact dates or timelines.
We are trying to provide the alternative as soon as it is possible
for us to do so.

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