Help file not working in Storyboard Pro 1.5

I am IT helpdesk for an animation studio, trying to troubleshoot a problem for one of my users. We have 9 wibukeys left.
When he clicks the Help menu, then the Help item, he gets to a page with the logo splash, but no navigation links, and nothing clickable. Picture attached. The online documentation looks like it’s all for the modern version.
I have two possible solutions in mind, but if one of you has another, please let me know.
A ) I’m looking for the .chm for Storyboard 1.5 . If I can get it standalone, that’s just as good.
B ) If the help files were installed somewhere else, I can look there too.
C ) Any other options for finding the help files for Storyboard 1.5

I’ll post the resolution here for future users. The problem is that the scripts to display the link bar weren’t allowed to run. In modern Chrome as of 8-21-2014, it wouldn’t work at all. In Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 7, if I relaxed our Internet policies and allowed the blocked content to run on the page, then the navigation links showed up.