HELP ! file "non existant" after power blackout

Last night, i finished off a couple sequences in a new project and attempted saving, since there had been a power break down, the external disk on which i am saving, had switched off. Toon Boom told me only the library was saved but the project was not. I switched the disk back on and saved the project under the same file name with “save as”, Toon Boom asked if it was ok to “overwrite”.
I saved and shut down.
Today i want to work on the same project, when i try to open it it says:
myproject.tbp … “could not be found. This file may have been removed, renamed or deleted (E1111)”

I cannot access it anymore, the file says it was saved last last night at 9:30 as it was, and weighs 2.1 MB

Any clues as to how i could get it back ?
This work was really good !!!

You better contact support