HELP! Drawn stuff locked and can't move??


I drew a few different parts on different layers to make my puppet rig, and when I went back to those layers to fix up tiny details, they became locked and I couldn’t move it around like an object! What do I do? I’ve attached a print screen showing what happens when I try to select my drawing with the lasso tool to move it around, nothing becomes highlighted or selected, making it impossible to move around.

I don’t want to re-draw the same thing because I end up getting the same result - nothing gets selected!

Can you post a larger screen capture with all Harmony windows and tools visible?
Aren’t the layers locked on the timeline? Are you selecting the correct sublayer where the art is? Is it “locked” if you try to do it via the Drawing view, not the Camera view? Deselect ‘preview’ to make sure you are on the right sublayer on the Drawing view.

Luis Canau

Hello Luis,

I’m in Camera view - I switched to drawing view and NOTHING appears :frowning:
It’s just a blank screen.

I’ve edited my previous comments - Bigger photos of my problem are now attached.

Would this have any thing to do with optimizing and flattening my lines? I remember flattening and optimising my lines so I can turn my drawings into objects to animate my cut-out rig animation…

It sounds like you may have accidentally drawn those bits you can’t move on the colour art layer. If you select colour art you will be able to copy and paste the drawing back on to the line art layer. It’s on the right hand side of your camera view under the blue eye icon.


Haha, no worries. I’ve done that soooooooooo many times :slight_smile: