Help - crashing while switching to screenplanning mode!

Hi all

this is the setup I use:
ToonBoom 2.5 Trial (and -Express as well) on Windows XP crash when I try to switch to screenplaning mode. That means the application just vanishes - but leaves some code in the memory.

I didn’t search all the threads for a possible answer (- this site is a snail btw).

Any help is much appreciated.

Alexander - Technopark Zurich


This seems to be a real problem. A dozen people reading - nobody seems to have an answer.

So, let’s wait some more. :frowning:

Again - we would really like to look into this software because our studio needs a new 2D tool . . . well we don’t talk about turnaround times now…

Thanks in advance.
Alexander - Technopark Zurich

Don’t know about that. I use XP Pro on one machine and XP home on another and I have no problems. I’ve never had TBS lock up at all. I wish that I could say the same for my other programs.

Thanks very much for your feedback - so there seems to be hope! We installed ToonBoom Trial and ToonBoom Express Trial on 2 different machines, both running XP pro: all 4 combinations showing the same crash behavior. We do have SP2 installed though - so there may be a difference. Do you run SP2 as well? We also tried different backwards compatibility checks, actually back to Win 95 with no difference.

Thanks again!
Alexander - Technopark Zurich

Yup, SP2 on each as well. What I don’t have is any other kind of animation program, Macromedia stuff or Adobe applications. I don’t know if you do.

I did do my installs prior to SP2.

The one machine I do my animating on the most is almost a bare machine. All it has is TBS and CorelDraw 9 and the apps it came with MS Works and stuff.

Has anyone solved this problem? I just installed TBS 2 today in my studio and encountered this crashing phenomenon. I use a WACOM Cintiq PL18x to draw on. I have the same set up in the office where I work but I don’t have this problem. Both PCs are powerful for video and animation work.

This is a tad embarassing. I think I answered my own problem. I read other postings on other topics and picked up on a few things. I performed two operations:

First, I clicked on TBS’s Edit>Preferences then on the Display tab I clicked on the “Open GL” button to change it from the original “Direct3D” setting.

Next, on the Rendering Options section I noticed that the memory usage was set at about 1/5 from the Low position. I schlepped that bar to the Unlimited side. Clicked OK and tried TBS again. I nervously switched to SP mode, and By George! it worked.

Hope this helps other TBS users.

I’m glad you figured it out. I haven’t been online for a while so I wasn’t able to follow up.