Help choosing essentials or advanced

Hi guys,
I’m new to animation but have created some good looking test animation with my harmony advanced trail by doing classic animation drawing frame by frame.

That is how I want to work by drawing frame by frame, no rigging or anything.

Normally I would never buy the most basic option but I will be in financial difficulty for the next 4 months so may have to choose harmony essentials instead of advanced but I would like to know if I can create a feature animated hand drawn film with harmony essentials or if there would be any limitations with that.


There will be limitations as Essentials is Premium with limited features.

It isn’t a trial software though so you can create, save and export animation with it.

The main thing is that although it is the basic version that does not translate to being the easiest version. Many Premium features make the process easier as well as expand its capability.

4 months is 4 minutes in animation time so you will not be getting that far and can use Essentials until you can move up to Advanced or even Premium.

The projects can be opened in the higher versions you just lose the ability to access any advanced features utilized in the project if you open projects in lower versions. With Essentials being at the bottom you are good to go up.

As long as you don’t need to draw anything with an organic style of lines or painting, which requires bitmap tools, only available in Advanced and Premium. If you only draw in vector Essentials will do and, as o0Ampy0o said, you can later upgrade and continue your project on another version of the software.

Luis Canau

If I were you, I’d always go for the highest version you can as you’ll have access to more features.

Here’s a good comparison on the different features of each version (scroll down):