Help/Check for Updates... not working

Under the Help Menu, when selecting the Check for Updates… option, it checks and reports that a “new version is available, Version 8.1.19172”.

However, when clicking on the Download Update button on the bottom right, it goes off to never-never land on your website.

Never-never land means nothing happens. My Downloads tab is empty, and, even worse, it claims that I do not have a product registered. What!?

Ummm, yes I do. That’s what the hundreds of dollars were for. That’s why I entered the license key during install. That’s why I got the email saying “thanks for registering” and to activate your account by clicking here. That’s why entered the user name and password on your website. That’s why I re-installed Quicktime (a super hassle since iTunes needed to be uninstalled first).

ALL THAT is why I jumped through burning hoops of fire – to get installed and registered. And now I can’t apply the most recent updates (I want all known bugs outta there) before I get to work?

Please fix this. Not a good first impression.

Are you sure that you have logged into the account you have purchased online or registered your Toon Boom Studio? If it is already logged it, you have to manually access to your download section after login to your account. Then verify if you have the latested version of Toon Boom Studio.
If nothing is shown in your download section, you better contact Toon Boom to find our more.