So here are some links to what I am talking about. I want to be able to draw in the outlines of my shadows and highlights. Then I wish to fill the areas and the line that outlines them. The problem is that once I have filled the areas of shadow the black line still fights me. If I choose to fill the black outline then the whole outline is forced to be the color of the shadow. Here is what I mean…

An example of shadow hitting the rest without a black outline.-

An example of the line that outlines the shadow on my work-

What happens when I fill the line and its all blue now becuz the lines are attached.-

I want to able to color these lines so there is no break between shadow and norm. Two-tonal without a line inbetween…This has been frustrating me for a long time and I just want it too look nice. ANY INPUT ANYONE!?? I NEED HELP!


Hmmm u could always delete the line and just leave the filled colour? I think that would workChris.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing and I have done that in the past but its time consuming…Is there a way to just erase the line? and not the color surrounding it?..that would be nice!

Im not sure then, i just delete the lines :confused: You could try posting this in the General forum cos i think more people read there, i guess theres more chance ull recieve help.Chris.

Hi-I’m new at this too - but I found adding shadows to be pretty easy. First I fill all my areas - then I go back and choose the color I want for my shadow- say if flesh is #5 then I choose #12 for the shadow color. Next I choose the pen tool and draw out the area I want to be filled with the shadow color. Next I choose the fill tool and fill in the area. It would be easier if I could attach something to show you what I’m talking about. If you belong to forums get in touch with me there and I’ll post something for you. There’s a lot of great animators with tons of experience who are very helpful.Good Luck!-Cathy :slight_smile:

Well i think he actually knows how to add shadows, his problem is that the line he created (in order to create an area to fill) is default black…hang on ive just thought, willtone42, cant you just draw the shadow area lines in the colour of the shadow rather than in black, then you wouldnt have to change the colour of the line after, therefore all your line wouldnt turn blue (in the example u showed)Chris

My advice would be what somebody already said… paint ur charactors then add the shadow lines in the color of the shadow… then fill where necessary…

  1. Don’t outline your shadows with the drawing tools. Select “Show Strokes” from the view menu, then select the stroke tool from the paint tools (click on the paint bucket and hold until the other paint tools appear). Then draw the shadow outline with the stroke. Do this for all your frames, then use the paint bucket to fill the areas with shadow color.2) If you’re going to post images on the web, use .jpg and not .bmp. Those files are huge for some reason and not everyone has a fast internet connection.

Can you adjust the smoothness of the stroke tool? If so where is the setting?

The stroke tool was one of the improvements made for V4.0. In V4.0 you can draw strokes using the pencil tool or any line oriented tool like the polyline tool by selecting a pen definition that has the maximum size value set to 0 (zero). You’ll need to use View>Show Strokes to see the strokes as you draw them. Too add smoothing you can adjust the smoothness setting for your pen definition. Hope this helps. -JK