HELP! can't see the editing lines

I downloaded the free toon boom animate 3 ple and have been playing around on it and watching tutorials for animate 2 I believe. so far a lot of helpful information. but I have a problem. when I use a editing tool, such as contour editor for example, when I select the drawing I have made the editing lines are all in black. and make it virtually impossible to see against a black line. I can do some things but it would be so much more effective if I could see my editing lines. in the tutorial video I’m watching, the persons editing line is I think like an orange color. though she has been what seems to be pretty thorough in explaining much about the program I can’t fix this problem and no where online do I find anyone explaining how to fix it. please help asap!

frustrated user

I couldn’t move on until it was fixed. and lo and behold I figured it out!! so I had the image selected with the contour editing and I right clicked and then selected show strokes and it is now visible and fixed.